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Club Clearview Reunites for a Night

by Steven Doyle

What started as renegade parties in Deep Ellum  warehouses with cohorts in crime Jeff Swaney, Steve Clohessy, Jeffrey Yarbrough and Mark Cuban who would set up under the lights fueled by generators and selling beer for the price of admission, soon became a legitimate enterprise that led to the opening of Club Clearview in an abandoned curtain warehouse.

The multi-venue club quickly became the heart of Deep Ellum’s music scene in the 80’s and 90’s, hosting national acts such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ministry, as well as birthing locals such as Vanilla Ice and the Dixie Chicks.

The musical Mecca comprised of Club Clearview, Art Bar, Blind Lemon, The Red Room, and Open the Roof Deck. There revelers could enjoy their own form of party, traveling between the venues with their sole connective tissue, a room filled of nearly nude neon clad dancers in cages.   Continue reading


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Photo of the Day

by Crave Staff

We just saw this posted in the Tacobot group on Facebook and thought we would share with the craveDFW crowd. No extraneous commentary from us needed.

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Doins’ In July

A recap of the fun stuff that happened in July.

Photos by Robert Bostick

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Groen-ing, the New Planking

by Steven Doyle                                                                                                                       photo by Robert Bostick

Internet driven trends, or memes, have been sweeping the world in viral proportions and it nearly takes a handbook to keep up with such unusual antics as planking, owling and batting. It doesn’t take long to flip through your Facebook stream to find one or more of these unusual poses on someone’s wall. It’s a trend that even the most awkward can master merely with the use of a camera phone and a willing subject.

With that said we have sought out even more unusual memes, because posing as an owl is fast becoming a dated fad.

Enter a few of these actual memes such as pillaring, which is the act of standing up-right and still. Be cautioned that death and injuries have been reported surrounding pillaring incidents. Go figure.  Continue reading

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Tales of the Cocktail: First Impressions

by Steven Lindsey   photos by Rod Orta

For anyone who loves to drink, Tales of the Cocktail is like an amusement park. We think we’ll call it Boozeneyland. Every minute of every day, there’s something new to discover and we can’t wait to tell you all about everything in detail (which will be in the coming days as there’s not much time to write between sips.)  Continue reading

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RedFork Closed Until Tomorrow Due to Gas Leak

by Steven Doyle  photo by Robert Bostick

Just spoke with chef Jeff Harris at RedFork and found out the kitchen at his new restaurant has been closed due to a gas-gaffe.  While installing a new pizza oven they smelled gas and had to halt the installation.  After working the problem for two days now, they determined it was the equipment.

“We will have the oven problem worked out by next week but will be open for business tomorrow (Thursday) at 4:00. We went ahead and gave everyone today off,” said Harris just moments ago.

CravedDFW looks forward to sipping the cold, cold cocktails on the patio once again tomorrow evening.  When you go we suggest that you ask for the $8.00 foie supplement  or the roasted mushrooms for the best deal in Dallas.

The city is already in love with his burger.

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Cocktail Competition Pilot Shot in Dallas

by Steven Doyle

Since we just cannot get enough of our local celebrity bartenders, we bring you good tidings of great joy that surrounds one of our favorite barmen, Eddie “Lucky” Campbell who recently started his corporate gig as beverage director at Bailey’s Prime Plus.

We caught wind of some of his activities this weekend that included an appearance on a reality show pilot that was filmed at the Candle Room called Cocktail Confidential. Consider this television’s answer to Top Chef but with a pearl onion garnish.

The trial run went well with barmen Lucky, Abe Bedell from Victor Tango, Sonny from Cedars Social, and David Mayer “Tiki Dave” of the Usual Bar in Fort Worth who all competed in what Nico Martini, the producer and creator of the program,  hopes will be picked up by one of the networks they are shopping.  Continue reading

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