The 2017 Ultimate Crawfish List and Locator

crawfishby Steven Doyle

February 2017 is seeing a bounty of great crawfish with massive tiny lobster-sized crawfish, the grade A type, in and around Dallas. Some are juked up in spices, some are rather tame, but however you find them, or enjoy the critters, it is a good year to be alive and loving crawfish.

Bit some heads, suck tail and scream a glorious chorus to our pals down on the bayou for sending us the good stuff.   Continue reading

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Gordita is the New Black

gorditaby Steven Doyle

I am stepping out on a culinary limb today and pronouncing the end to all things taco.

Well, not really. The taco is a delicious canvass for enjoying various meats and vegetables, and I think it has had a pretty good run, especially in these parts for the past several years.  Continue reading

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What’s Eating Your Phone (Seafood Edition)

phoneby Steven Doyle

Each week we beg the question, “What’s Eating Your Phone”? This is where we all can join in on the foodie fun by sending in your latest dining photo that has you all jazzed. These are not necessarily limited to dining out, it can be from that last dinner party. And don’t think we discriminate against libations. Send in your favorite cocktail photo, too.

To be included in a future edition of What’s Eating Your Phone, send those photos to me at A brief description and location would be super helpful. Here are this week’s selections:     Continue reading

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Fort Worth Based Oni Ramen Opening In Deep Ellum Spring 2017

oni1by Steven Doyle

Fort Worth Oni Ramen known for their signature items such as the miso, tonkotsu, Kyushu & Oni Reaper will be opening in Deep Ellum late Spring of 2017 in Deep Ellum. The lease was signed today we confirmed.

The restaurant will keep the Oni Ramen name and carry some of the popular items they are best known for. Partner and chef Jesus Garcia will be working exclusively with the pork base and eliminate the chicken broth. The restaurant will still have the vegetarian and pescatarian options.   Continue reading

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Local Chefs in Finals for James Beard Award

beardby Steven Doyle

We wish to send congratulations to local chefs and restaurateurs who made the finalist list for the James Beard Awards for 2017

The list is longer than most years, and include  Maggie Huff, for pastry at FT33, Stephan Pyles  at his restaurant Flora for best new restaurant, Teiichi Sakurai Tei An)and John Tesar at Knife for Best Chef of the Southwest. The latter two are old friends and it is fantastic to see them both on the list.  Continue reading

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Wayward Sons on Greenville Closed


Owners Brandon Hays, Phil Schanbaum and executive chef/co-owner Graham Dodds announce Wayward Sons is officially closed.

Hays says, “It is truly fitting that we closed Wayward Sons on a day that revolves around love.  The amount of love that went into this project is unparalleled to anything I have ever done before, and I know my partners Phil and Graham feel the same way.”

Dodds says, “I am deeply saddened by the closing of Wayward Sons. I had hoped we would be a neighborhood staple for the long-term – a fun and vibrant place that melded Texas cuisine and family favorites while supporting local farmers and artisans. I will miss my staff the most – a very dedicated and diverse group of passionate and hardworking folks. However, I am looking forward to the future. And, I hope people will continue to seek out restaurants and businesses that align with these principles I hold so dear.”

Hays continues, “To our partners who put their faith in us, thank you. To our landlords who did everything they could to work with us, thank you. To our staff, who worked tirelessly and eloquently to tell the story of Graham’s food, thank you. And finally, to our guests who supported us, thank you.”

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Two Great Chefs Join Forces Again For a Superb Valentine’s Dinner Event

wide-interiorby Joey Stewart

Chef David Uygur of Lucia and Yutaka Yamato of Yutaka combined their many talents on Sunday evening for the second Valentine’s dinner in as many years. The previous event took place at Lucia, so this time it was Yutaka’s turn. When asked about the inception of the event, Uygur said “We both love dining at each others’ restaurants, so it makes perfect sense”. Justin Holt of Lucia also took place in the creation and execution of the dishes.

The six-course menu was paired with wine and sake and featured a sorbet course served on an illuminated ice block while all the lights in the restaurant were turned off.
We hope this becomes a tradition for years to come.   Continue reading

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