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Have a Safe and Happy St Pats

by Crave Staff

As we get ready for the weekend we wish to thank you for checking out our little website this week.  We considered throwing out a list of places to medicate your liver for  St Pats, but there are plenty of options and we want to get started in on the fun ourselves right away.  We have a crew of camera folks hitting the streets starting tonight, so if you see a craveDFW photog be sure to look extra inebriated.

Be safe and enjoy one of our favorite holidays of the year.  May the hinges of our friendship never grow rusty.


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Updated: Service Bar Closes This Weekend After 20 Years

by Bryan Coonrod

This weekend the Service Bar closes it’s doors after a 20 year run on Lower Greenville. I’m sure many of you have visited the bar or have heard some crazy story from someone else. The new Special Use Permit laws the city of Dallas passed last year has certainly turned Lower Greenville Avenue into a ghost town with only a handful of bars being allowed to stay in business. And now The Service bar has finally thrown in the towel and shut down.

The Service Bar was one of the first bars in Dallas to implement the modern version of a service industry night on Tuesdays in the early 90’s and many clubs today still have their own ( S.I.N. nights ). Those Tuesday nights were quite memorable. There was always a huge line to enter and getting a drink usually meant passing money over three to four people to the bartender to have a drink passed back to you as you squeezed into any open spot you could find.    Continue reading


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Ribald Cakes For That Special Party

by Steven Doyle     photos by Robert Bostick

Last week we stopped in to visit a shop that is not your typical culinary outlet in Dallas. Condom Nation  is now making what we believe to be the only professional ‘porn’ cakes in North Texas. These are the type of cakes you might find at a bachelor or bachelorette party, or perhaps to serve after a particularly bad divorce. There might be other occasions for these pastries, like for your naughtiest friend’s birthday. You get the idea.

Take a jump with us if this is even mildly interesting. This is where you will find the bawdy behavior for today.  The rest of you, stay here.   Continue reading

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Ben and Jerry Have Shweddy Balls

by Steven Doyle

It’s not April first, so we have no reason to believe this is a hoax, but according to the Ben and Jerry website they plan to introduce a new flavor lovingly named “Shweddy Balls”.

Presumably both Ben and Jerry agree this is a flavor you will not be able to resist, naming the new flavor after a Saturday Night Live bit that featured Alec Baldwin as deadpan confectioner Pete Shweddy who often appeared on a public access program called “The Delicious Dish”.     Continue reading

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What You Didn’t See on craveDFW This Week

by Steven Doyle

Each week the various writers of craveDFW are hitting the streets with zeal looking for fun and interesting news to bring our readers. We feel the mix of contributors from restaurant industry professionals, artists, enthusiasts, and photographers keeps us on the cutting edge of the Dallas scene.

Many weeks there are articles written by other top-tiered food blogs that we wish we had written first. Because of these instances, we often choose not to re-write the same information you probably gleaned elsewhere. Starting this week we will mention those stories that interested us, and share the links as a service to our readers.  Continue reading

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A Fish and Two Goats, Or Why Strangeways is Aptly Named

by Steven Doyle

Last night I was out with a friend for dinner and we decided on Tei-Tei Robata Bar for a little relaxed sushi and sake action. Dinner was sparkling and we even happened to see former Tei-Tei owner and current Tei-An chef-owner Teiich sitting alone at the corner of the bar perusing the menu.

After a few rounds of sushi we thought to have a cocktail and happened into Strangeways, the new brew hall on Fitzhugh very near the new Herrera’s and Red Fork. The new bar is owned by Eric and Erica Sanchez and it is their foray into the hospitality business. The bar is festooned with interesting Mexican artifacts and loaded with plenty of  beers on tap and over 100 bottled. A great selection.    Continue reading


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Club Clearview Reunites for a Night

by Steven Doyle

What started as renegade parties in Deep Ellum  warehouses with cohorts in crime Jeff Swaney, Steve Clohessy, Jeffrey Yarbrough and Mark Cuban who would set up under the lights fueled by generators and selling beer for the price of admission, soon became a legitimate enterprise that led to the opening of Club Clearview in an abandoned curtain warehouse.

The multi-venue club quickly became the heart of Deep Ellum’s music scene in the 80’s and 90’s, hosting national acts such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ministry, as well as birthing locals such as Vanilla Ice and the Dixie Chicks.

The musical Mecca comprised of Club Clearview, Art Bar, Blind Lemon, The Red Room, and Open the Roof Deck. There revelers could enjoy their own form of party, traveling between the venues with their sole connective tissue, a room filled of nearly nude neon clad dancers in cages.   Continue reading


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